BAWDY LLC is a creative production company providing services from photography to styling to creative direction and more.

Stemmed from the pursuit of creative freedom and an undeniable passion for art, BAWDY strives to help individuals learn and achieve success through their craft.  

BAWDY is an engaged support system that not only encourages artists to flourish in their work, but provides a platform allowing artists to improve, explore, and utilize their creations to impact the world.

Welcome to A World of Creative Freedom


The BAWDY Series captures and illustrates unarticulated and, at times, compromising subject matter in an unorthodox fashion. This project is a visual representation of emotions, situations, and experiences that are difficult or feel impossible to verbally express. Each season focuses on a number of “Chapters” that concentrate on a specific theme. 

The series is extremely expressive and is meant to challenge comfort, promote perspective and understanding, and encourage self-awareness. It is a form of communication through art.



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